Frequently Asked Questions

Traveling during the pandemic is challenging though regardless of the destination, one always has to follow safety steps as in anywhere else in the world. Preparedness, research, and communication are key to having a safe experience.

Russian education system allows students to specialize in their desired field with fewer prerequisites. The options are huge and mainly depend on the student’s preference. Medicine, engineering, the Petroleum industry, and many others are available for almost all students.

No, some programs are available in both English and Russian. If a program is only available in Russian, universities offer preparatory semesters for students to learn the language first then continue their studies in Russian.

The main determining factor is the field of study. Prices range from XXXX to XXXX. Another determining factor is the Language of the program.

No. High school grades do not affect the available fields of study.

Yes, however, this depends on the university and the academic records. And it is very competitive by nature.

We have been working in collaboration with many universities for over xxxx years and admission through our office is guaranteed.

Yes. And not only that. Some of the Russian universities have very high rankings and they compete worldwide in that regard.

This is another step we facilitate and obtaining a student VISA through our office is guaranteed based upon the agreements we have with Russian universities.