University Degrees

Bachelors, Masters & Diplomas

Regardless of background or academic records. We offer a variety of degrees for those who are willing to start or shift to a new career. Almost all fields of study are available.

Transportation On Arrival

Once in Russia and out of the airport. We offer transportation to the target destinations so fresh students do not have to rely on public transportation to get to their new homes.

Notarized Translations of Documents

We offer translations that are notarized by a Russian notary. This includes academic and health certificates, passports, IDs, etc.

Language Courses

Our new branch in Alexandria offers Russian for Beginners courses to prepare students who are seeking a degree in Russian universities.

Health Insurance

We offer health insurance which is mandatory for admission to Russian universities according to Russian law. Aside from the fact that it is essential for all students to have insurance that guarantees medical care if such was needed for ambulatory care and hospitalization.

Parental Control

We understand that moving to a new country with a wide variety of religions and backgrounds could be considered risky by more parents. We offer periodical reports that transparently ensure that young students stay focused on the desired objective of their traveling and that is to study and excel in selected programs.

Clients Satisfaction

Shortening Time