The foundation of our company is built upon personal experience. Situations that we personally experienced and lived through seeking education in foreign countries. It goes way back to 2008 where Aly Ashraf, one of the main founders, traveled to study in Russia.

Arriving in a new country that speaks a foreign language is always challenging. Aly arrived in Moscow and was instantly met with the first challenge, to contact a friend that has also recently arrived in the country. Waiting for hours till he managed, with the help of a security officer at the airport, to reach his friend and contact a taxi to take him to Nizhny Novgorod where he was supposed to stay.

Shortly after settling in, he was met with the second challenge, to search for and find an accredited translation center, to translate essential papers to complete his admission process.

Challenges did not stop there but after successfully managing to go through them all, and with experience, he started to aid newcomers and freshly admitted students not to go through the same long process he went through. Transportation, accommodation, admission, insurance and more.

This is where the idea for an agency that walks students through every step was born. 2011 was the first year where we started to operate officially. Our team expanded to include a legal department to protect and aid students before, during, and after admission.

In time, our work evolved to collaborate with the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt, the Egyptian Cultural Center in Moscow, and a large number of Russian universities, and eventually the Russian Ministry of Commerce to become a commercial enterprise recognized by the Russian Chamber of Commerce.

2021 was another major milestone for us where our presence took a physical form in Egypt where we opened our first official branch and language center. A lighthouse for all those who are seeking assistance in studying abroad.



We ease the process of studying abroad. Admission, visas, accommodation and beyond.


We aspire to create an easy-to-access platform that aids students of all ages and education levels to pursue their dream careers. The number of steps and the amount of information that whoever seeks to study abroad needs to know is overwhelming, to say the least, though we exist to facilitate this process, reduce the steps and make must-know information more accessible.

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Professional, organized and offer great follow up with parents. It makes you feel at ease knowing how well your sons and daughters are doing at all times.
_Wasima Ashraf, Founder
Thank you so much for your support and for your efficiency. I wouldn’t have thought I would be able to study abroad so fast once I decided to. Everything was just as described and I couldn’t have asked for more.
_Ahmed Sherif, Founder
Through UniFinders, I have been able to study in Russia. They have been there for me at all times. I'm so thankful and grateful for all the help and patience they offered.
_Nour Reda, Founder